Vaastu is not a fable or a misconception as many in the modern world would like to trust. Vaastu is a science advanced centuries ago for scheming buildings like palaces or modest homes and workplaces. The ancient epic ‘The Mahabharata’ also refers to Lord Vishwakarma and his science of building in the construction of the Lashkargah (Wax Palace). Vaastu delivers the basics of construction particularly in connecting the dynamisms of nature for the improvement of home and society.

Vaastu Shastra is based on the concept of methodically combining the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and sky – to create an agreeable setting. Vaastu values united with architecture boost health, wealth, energy, and affluence and make the breathing or working air calm and rational.

Vyasa becomes Veda Vyasa who confides in Vedas, so his name Vyasa is developed as Veda Vyasa.

Veda means “Information”, or “Wisdom”.

It is right-handed that there were about 64 Puranas involving 18 Mahapuranas, 18 essential Upa Puranas, and the residual Upa Puranas.

We will assist you to attain true peace and serenity within your Homebase. You can use their vastu information to bring serenity and peace to your setting, whether it is your office or your home or your shop, or any other place you wish to perfect money or relax. The Greatness and concentration of the Earth’s attractive force fields choose the life of all living belongings on the Earth. We saying preceding that AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH, AND AKASH are the FIVE FUNDAMENTALS OR PANCHABHOOTHAS which regulate our exists

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